So long farewell auf wiedersehen goodbye – #FutureLibrary and Crystal Balling

At La Trobe Library we are now in conversation and review process over the next months as we pull together ideas, thoughts, and threads drawn through the blog.  From the outset of the Blog our aim was to explore, think and crystal ball about the future, future services,  and to reflect on what it is we currently do.

The blog is just one piece of the overall picture.  Though library faculty teams, personal reflections, input from other library sections, environmental scans, and site visits we will be undertaking various workshops, reviews, and report writing to bring all this to an alignment with the library’s and University’s business plans to see what projects, skills, and services are required for a #FutureLibrary for our community.

Thanks for watching the journey and for your input, comments, and retweeting of the blog.  And this may not be an end.  The blog will also be reviewed as part of this process and might have some future, but for now.. this is the last blog post, but #FutureLibrary looks bright.

Library spaces and Space Oddity

Having attended a VALA talk about Library Space Oddity meetings and hearing Mal Booth from University of Technology Sydney and design thinking,  and Patti Manolis and the planning for the amazing new Geelong Library and Cultural Centre plans  it is time to reflect on some of the #Future Library blog entries about library space


We have considered some interesting library buildings from around the world.  Japan  England and Australian examples. We have considered library space for creativity and art

So it seems that the #FutureLibrary still has a physical location.  Do you agree? 

Services to researchers and library as research partner.

Over this blog’s life we have talked about librarians as research partners by engaging and spending time with researchers. Via interaction between librarian and researcher there is an exchange of ideas allowing a two way conversation on  keeping  up to date, and for the librarian to promote services that are available to the researcher.   We have talked about teaming up with other service providers and building up a service for researchers. The boutique approach.

Assitance to researchers from libraries might come in the form of repositories, curation & collaboration of data through support and promotionJournal impact and bibliometrics are services provided to assist in the researcher’s personal promotion, and librarians can assist in utilizing the tools to retrieve these results.  There was also an entry looking at the librarian as researcher and exploring tools in keeping up to date with the literature.

Should #FutureLibrary be seen as research partner?

Knowledge creation or to be a blended librarian.

Teaching & Learning have taken various themes over the life of these blog posts.  Some relate to the engagement we have with faculty and our community. Others have focused on the teaching and learning we present via consultation, training sessions, or via our websites.

#FutureLibrary is about knowledge creation  or to be a Blended Librarian working with faculty in collaboration and instructional design.  Teaching & Learning go beyond the resources we provide be they print or electronic books  and might  take on more of a collaboration, coaching and facilitation role.

Trying to draw the threads together on Teaching & Learning for a #FutureLibrary.

Take the Library to the people!

In this final week of the blog we will be reflecting on some of the ground covered over the last couple of months.  This blog post  looks at various forms of taking the physical library to the people.  Airport, train station, beach, camel mobile, in the market, via bike, movable library near city buses, and Library a Go Go the book dispensing machine. And a video of a bike library outreach


A former #FutureLibrary  post looked at this aspect  of pop up libraries and bookmobiles.

Most of these posts refer to taking books to people, but as we have looked at #FutureLibrary is much more than just books.  

Library futures: Manchester University

Continuing on with the articles from the Guardian profiling 10 Academic Libraries From Around the World    An article about Manchester University interviewing Jan Wilkinson University Librarian and Director  & of particular interest a fly through of the 24 million pound Alan Gilbert Learning commons


What we’re seeing is not less use of the library by our staff and students, but changing needs of users.

They also seek our help as they try to navigate the complex world of information, make judgements about relevance and quality, and correctly reference their sources in their work. We offer training and software to help them do this, and courses to address their needs are regularly oversubscribed. We see academic skills training as an enormous growth area for us.

The article also talks about engaging students in feedback in the development of their learning commons in the use of space. It also talks about the new developments representing opportunities rather than threats and taking a strategic and bold approach,  and being a part of the decision making discussions to achieve university goals.  It also mentions about reskilling and recruiting staff to meet restructured roles and changes.

All good views to take for a #FutureLibrary.

An end of books?

This blog post by Seth Godin created a bit of conversation about the author’s thoughts on ebooks, his thoughts on bookshops, video shops, and libraries,  and the factor that someone still pays for ebooks, platforms, and access.  It makes us think again about the changing spectrum of library seen as holder of books, and the transition between access point to other forms of medium be it via our webpage, or enabling access at our physical location of library.  Books are still one of the tools we use.  As the author suggests when you look around, particularly on a plane or on public transport,  there are less physical books in use, and more electronic devices in use.

English: A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de...

English: A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de eBook Беларуская: Фотаздымак электроннай кнігі Русский: Фотография электронной книги (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does the #FutureLibrary still have a place for books?